Twitter rolled out a fun feature to celebrate its eighth birthday on Wednesday, allowing people to find the first tweets they ever crafted.

We’ve been doing some celebrating of our own this week, and we couldn’t think of a better way to keep the good times rolling than to dig up some #firsttweets from some of sports media’s biggest names to share them with you all.

Some of these tweets will make you laugh while others will leave you scratching your heads.

And then there are those that are a scary window into the future.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? In no particular order, here they are.

The one and only Skip Bayless started his Twitter adventure as you’d expect, by trolling LeBron James.

Erin Andrews’ maiden voyage on Twitter included a shot of a bruise she got while training for Dancing with the Stars.

The producer of the Dan Patrick Show, Paul Pabst, began with a credo he still lives with to this day.

Dick Vitale’s first tweet was about as Dick Vitale as it gets.

Seth Davis had some trouble getting used to the character limit.

Scott Van Pelt wanted to assure everyone that he was not an impostor.

Charissa Thompson, like a lot of people, needed some time to find the right verb to describe Twitter activity.

One of the preeminent play-by-play voices in the business just wanted to tell us where he was.

Everyone’s favorite brand advocate used his first tweet to pout.

Cheer up, Darren. You got the handle eventually.

One of hockey’s most trusted insiders began by tweeting in the third-person.

Apparently fake insider accounts were a big deal back then, too.

FOX Sports’ first tweet was done in earnest.

Deadspin’s first foray was about a certain polarizing comedian.

One of the best pocket-tweeters in the business got political with his first effort.

Keith Olbermann’s Twitter introduction was poetic.

Another Keith was just trying to understand the new medium.

A veteran NFL reporter threw some shade at a beloved talk show host.

An NBA insider reminded us that Twitter used to ask people what they were doing.

Bloguin’s own hockey blog channeled “Frankenstein”…

SBNation’s GIF account joined a bit late, but made up for it by sharing arguably the greatest GIF of all-time.

Bob Nightengale didn’t quite understand how the whole Twitter thing worked.

Some weren’t so eager to embrace the new medium.

Some used it to complain about other things.

Others looked forward to getting free stuff.

CBS assured its followers that it was, in fact, on the job.

A long-time ESPN PR man used his first tweet to express his love for a singer-songwriter from the ’70s. Or perhaps the Spanish word for “wolf”.

A prominent baseball insider jokingly (?) begged for followers with his first tweet.

And finally, the man whose bio professes his penchant for “sexy opinions” may have had the worst first tweet of them all.


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