Set your DVRs, U.S. soccer fans – there’s a new series coming that you’re going to want to watch. ESPN’s Inside: U.S. Soccer’s March to Brazil is set to premiere on Tuesday, May 13th. This series will offer viewers a never-before-seen perspective during the team’s preparations for the World Cup this summer.

Here’s the show’s schedule:

May 13, Tuesday, 7:00–8:00pm: Series premiere
May 21, Wednesday, 7:00–7:30pm: Episode 2
May 29, Thursday, 7:30-8:00pm: Episode 3
June 3, Thursday, 7:30-8:00pm: Episode 4
June 10, Tuesday, 8:30-9:30pm: Episode 5
June 11, Wednesday, 9:30-10:00pm: LIVE series finale – Epilogue

It’s worth noting that the finale is a live episode set to air right before the World Cup kicks off. It’s a little disappointing that the series won’t capture footage from the World Cup itself, but the series does promise unprecedented access inside the US Men’s National Team. It would have been awesome to see ESPN Films follow the NHL: 24/7 model which follows the teams both leading up to the Winter Classic and the Winter Classic itself. However, the current format sets itself up more to be a Hard Knocks style look inside the team’s preparation for the World Cup.

The series is produced by Jonathan Hock, veteran of multiple 30 for 30 documentaries including Survive and Advance, and Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers fame. The pair combined to direct the recent 30 for 30 soccer short Barbosa: The Man Who Made Brazil Cry.

This should be an entertaining, informative series which not only introduces new fans to the U.S. team, but also offers devoted fans a special look at some of their favorite players.

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