You can call it nostalgia, but sports TV theme songs were just better in the 1990s. Some of them still exist in some form today, but even the 90s versions of them were better. We’re looking at you, SportsCenter without the saxophone!

According to a tweet from John Buccigross, ESPN will be bringing back their classic NHL theme for the Frozen Four.

This is truly excellent news. In past years, ESPN just used a kind of generic ESPNU theme for their coverage of the NCAA’s hockey tournament. But with the national semifinals and finals airing on ESPN2 and ESPN again, it’s kind of a no brainer to put this on the air once more.

Doesn’t that theme just get you irrationally stoked for hockey? Now all we need now is for someone to bring back “Roundball Rock” and I think we’ll all be quite satisfied for a long time.

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Steve Lepore is a writer for Bloguin and a correspondent for SiriusXM NHL Network Radio.