ESPN has banned comedian Artie Lange from their airwaves.  A network spokesperson confirmed the news to Awful Announcing on Thursday saying the network will not have him on any platforms going forward.  The news was first reported by TMZ.

Lange’s banishment comes from his disgusting comments on social media about Cari Champion earlier this week.  Under the guise of “comedy” Lange said some very offensive, creepy, and predatory things about Champion.  ESPN condemned the comments in a public statement and now has taken the additional step of preventing Lange from appearing on their airwaves again.  Lange was also dropped from a scheduled appearance on the Comedy Central show Midnight after the controversy.

While you might not think a raunchy, increasingly irrelevant comedian would be appearing on ESPN that much in the first place, consider that Lange just recently made an appearance on the Dan Le Batard show less than a month ago.

For his part, Lange doesn’t seem too torn up about the ban…

Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of Lange and his brand of “humor” in the sports world for some time.

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