Don Cherry has a reputation as the Craig Sager of Canada. The Hockey Night in Canada pundit gets CBC viewers talking on a nightly basis during the playoffs with his lavish outfits, but he’s usually careful not to show any major leanings in his choices.

Monday night was another story.


That’s a Boston Bruins tie he’s wearing. On a national broadcast. In Canada.

Cherry played one playoff game for the Bruins in 1954-55 and coached the team for five seasons in the ’70s. He often cites his fondness for Hall of Fame defenseman and former Bruin Bobby Orr, but very rarely dons the actual logo of his old team on live television.

There are two issues here. One is the obvious question of bias, with Cherry wearing team apparel in his role as an analyst.

The other is that he’s essentially trolling all of Canada by doing so, and particularly the Montreal Canadiens, who will meet the Bruins in the next round.

Never a dull moment with the man known north of the border as “Grapes”.

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