Here's a hysterical moment from the early goings of ESPN's Selection Sunday coverage.  Analysts Jay Williams and Digger Phelps were asked for their bubble picks when faced with a blind resume test.  Both selected Team C as the numbers obviously backed up their case versus Team A and Team B based on RPI, Strength of Schedule, and Top 50 record.

The blind test results revealed that Williams and Phelps picked BYU over Florida State and Pittsburgh of the ACC.  Immediately, they changed their minds after realizing what they had done.

In the course of 90 seconds, Williams and Phelps argued for and against BYU's resume.  The conversation ended in the stereotypical "eye test" discussion that favors the establishment power conferences and is filled with inherent biases.  What's the point of discussing resumes if you're going to throw it out the window in favor of the mythical "eye test"?

Somewhere Nate Silver is rolling over in his grave.

H/T chipcableguy via postjimmer

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