Dick Vitale’s social media accounts are some of the most important natural resources this country is tasked with preserving.  You may or may not be a fan of his broadcast persona, but the longtime ESPN commentator is amazing to follow on Twitter and Instagram because of all the unique situations he finds himself.

This weekend, Vitale announced the Final Four in Dallas… err… Arlington… no, North Texas for ESPN International along with Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas.  With Vitale on-site for the biggest event in college basketball, the real-time family photo album was sure to not disappoint.

Who else do you know can be found riding a horse, taking pictures with Russell Wilson, and posing with Hooters girls all in the course of a weekend?

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to trade places with Dick Vitale for a day.  Given all of these different experiences, how has ESPN not turned his life into a reality show at this point?

Maybe Disney was right and Dick Vitale would be the best person in the world to go on a family vacation with.

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