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The season-long Derek Jeter farewell tour for the most part has been met with genuine affection from fans. There have been the occasional anti-Jeter column or rant calling the tour over the top or even going to the point of calling the New York Yankees shortstop selfish.

It’s rare to hear Jeter hate in his own city of New York, but as the days dwindle to his final game, one pundit in the Big Apple has made his feelings known.

Chris Carlin, also known as ” The Continent,” is swinging the axe on Jeter. During a recent edition of SNY’s “Loud Mouths,” Carlin not only called the beloved Yankee a fraud, but inferred he was a hypocrite. And he called Yankees fans suckers. In fact, “fraud” and “suckers” were part of Carlin’s first sentence in his rant which focused on the recent Gatorade tribute commercial that went viral:

“This is now grand commercial No. 2 on the farewell tour. And it’s not just the tour — Mariano Rivera did that. It’s not just that Derek Jeter’s doing commercials.

“It’s that this has never been what Derek Jeter has been about. He has been about team, not me. He has never let us into his personal life because he’s always been about the team. He frankly is being a complete fraud right now.”

And there’s more:

“What a complete and utter joke. And here’s the other thing I can’t take: I can’t take this notion that Derek didn’t want this, the Yankees wanted this, Derek’s not comfortable with this. He looked pretty damn comfortable to me as he’s collecting the checks, and I’m shocked he’s not hurt from patting himself on the back all year.”

Apparently Carlin won’t be buying any Jeter farewell DVD’s that Major League Baseball will sell after the season.

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