The bizarre Dennis Rodman ambassadorship continues! As if trolling his diplomatic mission to North Korea last year and drunken ramblings once he was back weren't a treat enough, now we're getting a movie!

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

20th Century Fox has bought the comedy pitch Diplomats, inspired by Dennis Rodman's so-called "hoops diplomacy" mission to North Korea, as a directing vehicle for Ride Along's Tim Story.


The ever eccentric Rodman became a lightning rod last year when he visited North Korea and befriended the country's dictator, Kim Jong Un. In January, he returned to the secretive country, which has an atrocious human rights record, and organized a basketball game in Pyongyang. He even sang "Happy Birthday" to the despot.

I can only assume that this movie was able to secure funding because they promised Dennis Rodman would play himself. The only other worthy candidate would be Charles Barkley, of course. Although there are some serious reprecussions to Dennis Rodman's North Korean odyssey, is it really a surprise that a former lunatic NBA player carousing around with a third world dictator wouldn't be made into a comedy? We in America love ourselves a good train wreck and Rodman's renegade diplomacy certainly qualifies.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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