ESPN’s Dan Le Batard has made a habit over the years of doing Miami Heat playoff rants.  They’ve gotten more extreme and more absurd and that’s why we love them so much.  It’s very easy to hate Le Batard and the Heat, but that’s the point.  Like any great heel, you learn to appreciate a great artist mastering his craft.

Dan Le Batard yelling about Charles Barkley telling people not to sleep on Lavoy Allen and Paul George’s paternity suit is just that.  If there’s any team that deserves an epic 10 minute rant dedicated to their sucktitude, it is the Indiana Pacers.  You were supposed to be the nation’s hope in unseating the Miami Heat from their Eastern Conference throne and instead you were an embarrassment.  The only reason you even made it this far is because you play in the worst conference in sports.  The entire Eastern Conference should be relegated for next year and replaced with the Big Ten.  At least it looks like they try.

Between the cheating rumors, fighting rumors, Andrew Bynum, Roy Hibbert as a modern day Eeyore, Lance Stephenson being a crazy person, Evan Turner’s disappearance, and the most dysfunctional, miserable, pathetic excuse for a top seed in the history of professional sports, there’s plenty of material here to pick from.

You deserve this expert troll job, Indiana…

[H/T The Big Buzz]

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