Trolling has become the internet’s go-to word for something it doesn’t like.  A troll has become the epitome of someone being obnoxious, obstinate, offensive, antagonistic, unpleasant, hateful, or any other negative adjective.  And now “trolling” has reached that stage where it’s use has become so prevalent that The Internet is now complaining that it’s become an overused, tiresome turn of phrase.  Such is the price of success for certain words in our vocabulary.

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard is the rare person who can make trolling into an art form and draw appreciation for it.

We’ve seen Le Batard transform his Twitter account into this monstrous creature before, and he did it once again on Thursday morning in the wake of the Miami Heat finishing off the Brooklyn Nets in a five game series.  He took the occasion to collect anyone who had dished out lofty praise for the Nets or called Miami’s ability to beat them into question.  DLB trolled everyone from Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd to Paul Pierce and Michael Wilbon.  Here’s a sampling…

Anyone that trolls the likes of Skip Bayless and Rob Parker gets a standing ovation in my book.  Even Le Batard’s ESPN friends took note of his tactics…

Good for Le Batard for using something we all obviously hate so much for comedic effect.  You have to appreciate anyone who can take the act of trolling to such an obvious extreme that he’s actually turning the tables and trolling all the trolls who like to troll out there.

Does using the word troll so much make me a troll to those people who hate the word troll?  I’ll see myself out…

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