A week and a half ago, ESPN handed MLB analyst Keith Law a few days off from Twitter because of an argument about evolution with coworker Curt Schilling that got a little heated. Schilling wasn’t suspended during the ruckus, and many damned ESPN for seemingly giving the benefit of the doubt to the ex-jock.

Schilling has responded with a diatribe on his Facebook page, saying he can’t believe he wasn’t suspended… before going into another semi-rant, pointing fingers at the people arguing with him on Twitter.


Personal views are personal views, and I couldn’t care less about what Schilling (or Law, for that matter) believes. But to talk about being shocked you weren’t suspended, and then to go on a rant about the people you’re arguing with? That just seems like you’re asking for more trouble. Schilling isn’t participating in the same ESPN on ESPN crime that Law did two weeks ago, but he is essentially poking the bear over Law’s Twitter suspension.

This isn’t going to end well for anyone. If ESPN really is trying to rein Schilling in a little bit, a post like this isn’t a good step in that direction for them. And if they’re not going to reign him in, yet put the cuffs on someone like Law, it continues to expose a double standard that has the potential to boil over and turn into a real mess. If Schilling is going to continue to be so outspoken on social media, even after what happened with Law, this will have a very predictable ending.


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