One of the most embarrassing episodes in the last year in sports media was the abrupt hiring and firing of Craig James at Fox Sports Southwest.  FSSW shocked the sports world when it hired the toxic former Texas Senate candidate to be a college football analyst.  After an outpouring of negative reactions, James was asked to leave the network 48 hours later.

And yet after a disgraced television career, a delusional failed run for a U.S. Senate seat, and the ignomity of what happened at Fox, James refuses to go away.  In what is truly the fulfillment of the vision of "Texans for a Better America" James is doing what any great, patriotic American would do.

He's jamming up our broken legal system with another dumb lawsuit.

Here's the story from the AP

"Former television college football analyst Craig James is complaining to the state that his firing by Fox Sports Southwest was an act of religious discrimination.

In a statement issued Tuesday by the Plano, Texas-based Liberty Institute, James alleges a national Fox Sports spokesman told The Dallas Morning News that James was terminated from Fox Sports Southwest for religious beliefs against same-sex marriage.

Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group that promotes religious rights, filed the complaint Tuesday with the Texas Workforce Commission."

Here's why James sneaking his way into the headlines once again is so frustrating.  Craig James was a college football star who was handed a comfy national television job and used his fortune and name recognition to run for public office.  He is not, nor has likely never been discriminated against.  In fact, this suit makes a mockery of what actual discrimination looks like.  To try to advance one's own political agenda against gay marriage under the umbrella of "religious discrimination" is an offense to the faith itself.

However, James and his camp (who let's not forget have been involved in their fair share of shady activity in the past) have latched onto one innocuous statement from a public relations rep about his comments on gay marriage being one of the reasons why he was let go and turned that into something else.  Let's remember what James said – that gays would have to "answer to the Lord for their actions."  Are we really to think Fox Sports is rounding up everyone who does not support gay marriage wholeheartedly and immediately firing them or did they just want to distance themselves from a highly controversial individual?

In reality, Fox Sports Southwest has nobody to blame but themselves for bringing this Nightmare from Real Street upon them by hiring James in the first place.  We reap what we sow.


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