CNN has become a one-track network with their 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.  In the process, the network has become a laughing stock… again.  Whether this be “breaking news” that isn’t news, or breaking, or floating the ridiculous possibilities of a black hole engulfing the plane.  With this single-minded focus, you could forgive CNN for making a minor mistake when it comes to other news stories.

Minor mistakes like incorrectly reporting the death of one of the most famous athletes who has ever lived.

The CNN morning news program New Day carried the flag for the once proud cable news giant by tweeting the exclusive story that Brazilian soccer legend Pele had died.  That was news first and foremost to Pele, who is very much not dead.

A rep for Pele informed CNN that he is indeed alive and well.

Thank goodness @NewDay has Twitter followers that care enough about the integrity of the American news media to fact check things like erroneous death reports.  Also, CNN turned Pele’s name into a hashtag to tweet a correction on reporting his death.  I really wish this was satire.

When Pele gets sucked into a black hole or turns into a zombie, I’m sure CNN will be all over it.

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