This afternoon NBA Commissioner laid the hammer down on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Silver banned Sterling for life from the NBA and announced that he would do everything in his power to encourage the league’s Board of Governors to force him to sell the team.

Silver and the league have been applauded for delivering what appears to be at or near the maximum punishment for Sterling.  Although the action to punish Sterling has come after years of Sterling’s nefarious activities, it has at last been delivered.

While the reaction from Clippers players and coach Doc Rivers and others from around the league will surely pour out over the next 24 hours, one absorbing reaction comes from the Clippers website.

When you visit, this image is all that you see in black and white.

There are no links, no stats, no highlights, no nothing.  Only a message that “We are One.”  That’s quite the statement for the official team website to make as its owner is in the process of being kicked out of the league.



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