Chris Webber has a message for the NBA.

The former player and current TNT analyst had something to get off his chest during the closing stages of Game 1 between the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers after watching Marcin Gortat fall awkwardly under the hoop late in the fourth quarter (Gortat language warning at 0:12):

Wizards swingman Trevor Ariza also took a tumble into a cameraman earlier in the game, so maybe it was the cumulative effect of both incidents that brought this out of Webber.

Regardless, other than the Dennis Rodman incident and the rare occasion when a player/camera man collision actually causes an injury, it’s not exactly an epidemic that the league needs to review, as Webber pleads.

“The NBA has enough money where we could build courts [that are] 20 feet longer just to give [the camera operators] more room.”

And remove those pricy baseline seats? Good luck.

Webber’s heart is in the right place, and we’d be shocked if many players didn’t feel the same way. But still, a rant against cameramen sitting courtside isn’t something you see every day on a basketball broadcast.

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