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Yesterday was not a good day to be a Bears fan and/or have Jay Cutler as one of your fantasy quarterbacks. Chicago not only lost to Buffalo, but they did it at home in OT.

Well, Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune wrote a gem of a column (where is the damn sarcasm font when you need it) entitled What should we do now that the Bears’ season is over? Really? After one game?

It begins with what could be the most over-dramatic lede in sportswriting this year:

And so ends the Bears’ 2014 season. Thanks for coming, everybody.

It gets even more optimistic from there:

Jay Cutler stunk. Brandon Marshall stunk. The run defense stunk. The pass rush stunk. Against one of the worst teams you could imagine. At home.

Beep, beep, drive home safely.

One of the few things the Bills might be able to do well is run the ball. The Bears knew that. The Bears still let the Bills run over their revamped defensive line and around Lance Briggs and through Chris Conte, and didn’t we see enough of this garbage last season?

While Rosenbloom does shred the defense in this column, much like Buffalo’s running game, he also shows no mercy towards Jay Cutler, per usual:

Nice job all the way around of reacting to the down and distance and the game situation by the disaster of a supposed franchise quarterback who supposedly has grown as a man and a player.

Maybe $54 million guaranteed doesn’t grow a man and a player as much as you might think.

Rosenbloom is Chicago’s Dan Shaughnessy – he’s going to troll Bears fans all season with this crap and if they make the playoffs he will say he knew it all along. And I know that’s a big IF, but I also know that one game a season does not make. Rosenbloom should know better. Then again, so should I. This is par for the course with Chicago media.

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