Fox Sports Live’s Charissa Thompson posted the above picture cutting her hair with her 12 year old niece. Now why is she cutting her hair in the same way as her niece?

In her own words from her Instagram account, Thompson explained:

“My niece (now 12) and starting her first day of Jr High got a splitting headache just a few days ago. A bad sign in her world, because that’s what gave way initially to early signs of a brain tumor when she was just 6. They operated and removed part of the tumor 6 years ago. Coincidently (sic) the same number of years later she has now had a minor setback that required surgery. I told her if she’s got to go through it .. I will too… ( as insignificant as my part is ) I don’t want her to be alone. Kids can be mean and especially entering Jr High…Image is everything. So to those of you that question imperfection , or judge before you really know.. We stand up and say.. It’s ok. We still love you. As a sign of solidarity I was going to do this privately but she urged me to put this out there, specifically for kids who are going through the same thing. So you, yes you’re not alone. We are here. For those that know us and to those whom we’ve never met.. We’re in this together.”

Good on ya, Charissa. Good on ya.

[Charissa Thompson/Instagram]

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