The Cincinnati Bengals destroyed the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, beating their interstate rival 30-0. Despite the blowout, FOX reaped the benefits of Johnny Manziel making his first career start, bringing in a rating of 38.9 in Cleveland with a 65 percent share, according to Lou D’Ermilio of FOX Sports. The rating is the highest in FOX’s history in Cleveland.

FOX really did well for itself with the NFL’s new cross-flexing plan this season, something the Browns have been part of for two consecutive weeks. As an AFC team, the Browns don’t traditionally play too many games on the network, but still, that’s an impressive number. And ironically enough, CBS had their highest national rating of the season going against the game for a singleheader.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, it simply got a front-row seat to the Browns getting completely humiliated. Manziel was terrible, throwing for 80 yards and a pair of interceptions. In other words, Tom Savage enjoyed a better debut on Sunday. Can you name who Savage plays for? Probably not.

The real question here is did the television market spike in Cleveland electronic stores, what with all the Browns fans needing new ones?

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Matt Verderame, 26, is a New Yorker who went to school at the frozen tundra of SUNY Oswego. After graduating, Verderame has worked for Gannett and SB Nation among other ventures.

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