A gentleman who’s received a ton of airtime in recent weeks on the ESPN family of networks is Brian Windhorst, an NBA writer who primarily covers the Miami Heat. He previously worked for the Cleveland Plain Dealer covering the Cleveland Cavaliers, and has authored two books with LeBron James’ name in the title. You could say he’s somewhat of an expert on the man who is often the biggest story in sports.

That said, this tweet from the usually excellent Frank Isola brings LeBron rumors to a new level of “Oh, come on!”

So there’s that. I in no way begrudge any of the networks or writers for going all-in on LeBron. He’s the most popular, talked about, obsessed over athlete in all of sports. He can still change two franchises at this point with his decision, and send a ripple effect through numerous others. But… man, this is a new level.

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