Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons was given one of the heftiest suspensions in the history of ESPN last month and it all started when he called Roger Goodell a liar.  Simmons reportedly sat a week for calling Goodell a liar on his podcast and two weeks for daring his bosses to sit him the one.

But with all the hullabaloo about Simmons’ suspension, his original comments towards Goodell have largely been forgotten.  And after all the calls for him to resign in the wake of his botched mishandling of the NFL’s domestic violence crisis earlier this fall, the commish has seemingly survived.  In spite of all the terrible, hypocritical things Roger Goodell has done as dictator and protector of the shield, he’s not going away anytime soon.

And in an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s radio program on Wednesday, Simmons returned to putting the squeeze on Goodell in a discussion about the Ray Rice proceedings currently playing out.  Simmons even made light of his infamous comments that led to his suspension.  While Simmons didn’t call him a liar once again, he said Goodell had “bent the truth” with the Rice case while building a pretty strong case for the commissioner’s dishonesty…

So Bill Simmons has basically, in much more careful terms, called Roger Goodell a liar once again.  And he’s done so largely on the basis of ESPN’s reporting.  Will that soundbyte get The Sports Guy a 3 hour suspension from ESPN this time?

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