Today begins our 2014 Retrospecticus looking at the year that was in the sports media world.  And what better way to kick it off than what we love more than anything else – media feuds!  It’s been quite the entertaining and feisty year as far as we’ve seen fights break out between people at competing networks, people at the same network, people versus networks, even radio co-hosts!  Here’s our list of the most memorable incidents in no particular order…

Rick Reilly vs Katie Nolan – ESPN Twitter Reporter Rick Reilly attempted a not-so-funny joke at the expense of one time Fox Sports 1 host Regis Philbin at Super Bowl media day.  In response, Katie Nolan unleashed this salvo tearing Reilly limb from limb like a lion hunting down a wounded wildebeast.

Jay Glazer vs ESPN – We thought ESPN had their issues sorted out as far as major reporters stealing their scoops.  Not so fast my friend.  Once again, Glazer put his fighting gloves on to deliver a knockout punch to ESPN, calling the network “lying bastards” for his allegation that they stole his scoop on Johnny Manziel starting for the Browns.  And that wasn’t all – Glazer scored a very subtle reporting victory over ESPN at the draft revolving around Manziel as well.

Doug Franz vs Ron Wolfey – This may be the first time in AA history that radio co-hosts make the list of the best feuds of the year!  The two hosts from 98.7 in Arizona almost came to blows on air over an argument about the Raiders of all things.

Keith Olbermann vs New York Daily News – As long as Keith Olbermann works in sports, Keith Olbermann will be feuding with someone in sports.  After his epic tete a tete with Mike Francesa, Olby’s most notable fracas this year was with the New York Daily News.  Olbermann named the paper his Worst Person in the World after their coverage of the death of Robin Williams.  A Twitter War ensued with the paper sending out sports media columnist Bob Raissman for a hit piece ripping Olbermann as well.

Keith Law vs Curt Schilling – One wouldn’t think that a debate about evolution would find its way to this list, but that’s precisely what happened when these two ESPN baseball analysts engaged in a Twitter exchange about the subject.  While the discussion never got heated per se, it certainly made headlines when ESPN suspended Law and not Schilling, opening up even more questions about double standards at the network.

Stephen A. Smith vs Michelle Beadle – Speaking of ESPN vs ESPN squabbles, perhaps the most impactful was Michelle Beadle rightfully calling out Stephen A. Smith over his absurd comments on domestic violence on First Take.  Smith initially stood his ground, but was finally suspended one week by the network for his inflammatory remarks.


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