If you’ve even visited this website even in passing, you know of our disdain for ESPN2’s daily gasbag exhibition that is First Take.  Simply put, it’s the most disingenuous show in sports television and has been an embarrassment to the ESPN brand on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately for host Cari Champion, she has the unenviable task of sitting between two hours of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith’s carnival barking each and every weekday.  Champion largely manages to stay above the fray and if ESPN had any sense at all, they would give her more airtime to speak her mind instead of merely playing the role of “moderator” for the clown show on either side of her.

Because of the focus on Smith and Bayless’ antics, Champion rarely receives national attention.  That brings us to Artie Lange.

The infamous comedian has a history in the sports world, famously taking a blowtorch to an episode of Joe Buck Live.  On Tuesday, Lange took to his Twitter page for some uncouth, vile commentary about Champion that was highly unsettling.

Be forewarned, because there is some disturbing, NSFW racial and sexual language in these tweets, which as of yet have not been deleted…

Lange has had more than his fair share of personal demons that are well documented, but these are well beyond any boundaries of human decency by any standard.  You can say this is supposed to be “edgy” or “funny” or what have you.  It’s not.  It’s gross.  Not even First Take, and especially not Cari Champion, deserves this.

A horrible year of abuse towards women in sports media unforunately continues.  This kind of behavior is abhorrent and, as Black Sports Online suggests, ESPN and every other sports network should ban Lange from appearing on their airwaves again.

UPDATE: ESPN has released a strong statement condemning Lange and his comments:

His comments were reprehensible and no one should be subjected to such hateful language. They objectify and demean one of our valued employees under the thin guise of “comedy” and are offensive to all of us. We will not dignify them with any other comment.

The National Association of Black Journalists also released this statement:

“Lange’s references to slavery, sexual exploitation and violence against women were unfunny, tasteless and intolerable,” said NABJ President Bob Butler. “Some things are simply below the lines of decency and respect. NABJ supports Ms. Champion and calls on Lange to apologize immediately.”

For his part, Lange went on a lengthy Twitter diatribe blaming the mythical “PC army” instead of taking personal responsibility for his terrible, gross, unfunny attempt at humor.  Lange also says he’s been taken off a previously scheduled appearance on Comedy Central’s Midnight.

3 thoughts on “Artie Lange tweeted some terrible, terrible things about First Take host Cari Champion (UPDATED)

  1. Fuck that! I’m a black guy and I find those tweets funny as hell! For geez sakes y’all it’s just jokes! …comedy!
    When did we become such sensitive pussies whereas everything has to be so polittically correct about not offending these douche wipes???

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