When you work with someone in close quarters for a long period of time, arguments are bound to happen.  Sometimes they may even spill over onto the airwaves.  This is probably the closest we’ve heard to two co-hosts actually dropping the gloves and settling it outside.

Doug Franz and Ron Wolfey of the “Doug and Wolf Show” on 98.7 FM and Arizona had a heated debate about the importance of the Raiders brand.  It starts out innocently enough, but quickly devolves into a personal vendetta.  Name-calling, threats of physical violence, awkward silence, it’s a shock these two guys were actually able to continue with a radio show without tearing each other’s heads off…


Yikes.  That was uncomfortable to listen to.  Franz telling Wolfey, a former 4-time Pro Bowler with the Cardinals and their current radio analyst, “If you will feel better by punching me then go ahead” is quite the climax to this mini-drama.  The station’s VP told AZCentral.com that cooler heads immediately prevailed between the two:

“Everything is OK,” he said. “In fact, we called them into my office immediately after the show and they had already made up and were mortified and embarrassed. It was certainly out of character for anyone who has listened to the show.

“Nonetheless, it was inappropriate and unprofessional. We want this to be a place where fathers and sons can listen when they drive to work, as I do with my son, and it wasn’t reflective of what we want to be as a company.”

Even though it might be inappropriate and unprofessional, I’m sure Doug and Wolf’s ratings are going to shoot through the roof.  And who knows, after listening to this clip, the Oakland Raiders just might hire them to run the team.  Nobody has cared this much about them in years.


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