Houston Texans running back Arian Foster goes to the beat of his own drum. Foster has done some interesting things before with the media, like proclaiming he just wanted to be the best teammate he could be repeatedly this summer. On Thursday, Foster had another jolly time as a British man in a video posted by the team.


Foster conducted the entire press conference at his locker in a British accent, although at one point he stated he was going for an Irish tone. He also threw in a “mate” which is Australian, so Foster got pretty worldly. It was odd, it was awkward, it was Arian Foster at his finest. So many players are boring and give the standard company line in a monotone voice. Give Foster credit for at least being different and providing us with a laugh.

Surely, some will give Foster a hard time about going rogue during the interview. It’s unfair, and most of the criticism will come from stodgy old writers who want the players to be in suit and tie when they hit the pillow at night. Foster is original, and is a hell of a lot more entertaining than Tom Brady or Andrew Luck.

With two years remaining on his contract, Foster promises to provide some more sound bytes along the way for NFL fans.

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