The internet was all aflutter yesterday with a report from Deadline that LeBron James was ready to star in a Space Jam sequel. For anyone that grew up in the 90’s like me, Space Jam was a defining moment of your childhood. The time when cartoons crossed over with sports and Michael Jordan teamed up with Bugs Bunny to defeat an evil team of alien basketball stars.  Looking back in the graphical age of 1996 it was very weird, very cool, and very ahead of its time.

But LeBron James in a Space Jam 2? How would a sequel affect the legacy of the first film? Is it something the stars of today’s NBA could reenact or improve upon? Are we talking about something that could enhance the first film like The Godfather II or would we travel down the dark path to Caddyshack II? Those questions and excitement about a sequel took a hit when ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted that, in fact, Deadline was wrong and LeBron James was not in talks to be in Space Jam 2.

But don’t get too discouraged, fans of cartoon/human basketball. We’ve heard that both Deadline and Windhorst are basically correct in some details. There are indeed plans for Space Jam 2, but at this point it looks like LeBron won’t be involved. Furthermore, three All-Star players, including one MVP-level player are deep in negotiations to appear in the movie and things are close to being “set in stone.”

If we had more definitive information we would provide the names, but nothing has been finalized yet.  It’s obviously still a fluid situation, but there may be a Space Jam 2 after all. It may just miss the game’s biggest star.


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