What's better than a hockey brawl? A hockey brawl which features an announcer absolutely losing his mind as he watches the madness unfold around him. This battle between the Danville Dashers and the Watertown Privateers of the Federal Hockey League was pretty remarkable. Aside from all of the players fighting on the ice, this war also involved the head coaches. 

The video below clocks in at just over 17 minutes, but it's loaded with hockey fights and announcing gold. 


As Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy accurately summarizes, there's something really special about this announcer's WWE-like intensity. Sure, the fight is pretty crazy and the number of penalty minutes handed out (152) is insane, but the play-by-play is what puts this one over the top. 

Here's a few of our favorite quotes: 

Spooner! Spooner! Spooner!

This was a DOOZY!

I've never seen the jersey deal like that. That was great!

Somebody needs to rip his mask off and pop him!

Everybody's the third man! Everybody's the third man!

That last one is incredible. He's referring to the fact no player is supposed to intrude on a fight once two players have tossed their mitts, but the intensity, terror and emotion in his voice turn this call from pretty good to legendary. 

(H/T Puck Daddy)

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