The University of Florida football team has made some questionable decisions in the past few years. From missing out on a bowl game last season to forgetting how playing on offense works, even blocking a teammate, the on-field results have not been worthy of much acclaim.

Maybe to promote the team and instill a little more nostalgia for the temporarily mediocre football program, calendars are released with stars of yesteryear. Unfortunately, a licensed Florida Gators calendar included a month – July, to be exact – honoring Aaron Hernandez, former national championship winning tight end and alleged multiple murderer.

While this calendar did not come directly from the University of Florida communications department, it seems to be a licensed product, as stated by the official UF football Twitter account.

Perhaps the decision to put him on the calendar was made months in advance, or the distributors still consider him a currently innocent former football player. Either way, Mr. July shouldn’t be making any more calendar appearances after his trial.

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