What if I told you that, for a nominal fee, you and three friends could watch Alabama take on Western Carolina live from the press box?

For $425 – the current bid on the package – the “Press Box Fan Experience” can be yours. You can’t cheer, must act appropriately, and get to see how the media watches games in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Also, it’s the Western Carolina game so enjoy that halftime hot dog because the third string will be in before the second half kicks off.

Sit in the press box, watch media members stare into their laptops and live tweet while also complaining about free food. The auction listing mandates that the bidder is a non-college student Alabama fan who must wear Alabama colors but is not allowed to cheer in a working press environment.

These fans do get to meet Eli Gold, the legendary voice of Alabama football, and all involved with the team broadcast. But paying that much money for some game programs, free food, a seat in a heated room and the stat-sheets is a bit much.

There has only been one bid so far – a $25 increase from $400 to $425 – but the contest is open for two more days. If you’re a fan who loves Alabama enough to pay this much money to watch them but likes not being allowed to cheer for them, bid away. You might even get to meet me.

[h/t Marc Torrence]

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