After Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped the hammer on ESPN’s Amil Elhassan on Tuesday, we were slightly interested in how the NBA Draft would go. After all, it was a battle of Wojnarowski, the most prominent NBA rumor guru online, against ESPN, who was airing the Draft live. Would Woj be able to compete with the Worldwide Leader on their own turf?

Well, the dust has settled and Woj was the clear winner of the Thursday night scoops battle. He managed to get the word out about 15 of the 30 first round picks in the draft, compared to just eight for ESPN’s Chad Ford (and one for ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne for good measure). Twitter user Kevin Draper put together a handy dandy chart of the first round.

Where Woj really dominated was the lottery – he got the scoop on three of the top five picks, and a total of seven of the 14 lottery picks. Ford nailed two lottery picks, or exactly as many at Wojnarowski’s Yahoo! colleague Marc Spears.

Woj wasn’t done there, though. Reddit user stephcurrylightup tracked the entire Draft, including the second round, and awarded points to writers based on the pick (60 points for first overall, 59 for second overall, and so on). He has Wojnarowski breaking an additional 14 picks in the second round, meaning that the Yahoo! insider nailed nearly half of the Draft. Contrast that with everyone else, who Reddit has credit with breaking a total of 16 picks over the two rounds – including three for Yahoo!’s Spears and two for Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

What did we learn here today? Adrian Wojnarowski is still the king of the castle among NBA reporters…but I think you all knew that already.

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