For this week’s podcast, we have a special treat. ESPN coordinating producer Amy Rosenfeld granted us some time for an interview in the midst of preparations for the 2014 World Cup. Amy has played a major role in ESPN’s critically acclaimed coverage of international soccer and the 2010 World Cup in particular. She’s been one of the driving forces in transforming ESPN’s coverage of the sport from a foreign novelty to the revered, mature product it is today. In this podcast, listeners are granted insights into that transformation and a look ahead to the 2014 World Cup broadcast. Topics include…

-Amy’s journey to being at the controls for ESPN’s World Cup coverage and how far the network has come since the 1999 Women’s World Cup.
-Her personal philosophy in broadcasting sports and why staying out of the way is so important as well as how her life as a fan helps in production.
-The transformation made at ESPN from the 2006 to 2010 World Cup and why the network no longer felt like it had to explain the offside rule.
-Getting some of the best broadcasters around the world to come to ESPN and the meteoric rise of Ian Darke.
-The importance of continuing to improve and evolve the telecasts of soccer.
-The unique challenges represented by going to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup and how the network might cover social unrest during the tournament.
-Who might be the breakout star in this year’s cast of on-air personalities.
-The years of preparation that goes into broadcasting the world’s biggest sporting event.
-Looking at the soccer landscape and all the major networks being invested in the sport.
-ESPN’s post-World Cup soccer coverage and the new MLS TV deal.

For more from Amy, follow her on Twitter at @arosen4.

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