On today’s podcast we talk about the Donald Sterling controversy with Bomani Jones of ESPN. Bomani’s work has drawn plenty of attention this week due to a column he wrote in 2006 documenting Donald Sterling’s racism and asking why it wasn’t news. Although Bomani has been credited with showing “foresight” the truth is he was one of the few calling attention to the real issue at hand that was ignored for years. In this podcast, we cut straight to the heart of the matter to talk about sports, race, the media, and society as a whole. Topics include…

-Why his 2006 column is receiving more attention now than it did then.
-Whether or not a threatened player boycott forced the hand of Adam Silver to deliver a maximum punishment.
-Why we are easily drawn to the sexiness of the TMZ audio versus housing discrimination.
-The validity of Mark Cuban’s “slippery slope” comments.
-The legacy of David Stern.
-Who takes the brunt of the blame for enabling Donald Sterling for years and not speaking out.
-Whether or not the NBA and professional sports have been changed forever.
-Why it’s so difficult to address serious issues dealing with discrimination in sports and society.
-Why Bomani thinks this week showed no progress in how we talk about and approach race in sports.
-His journey from freelancing for ESPN.com to being a stalwart in ESPN’s daily lineup.

For more from Bomani, follow him on Twitter at @bomani_jones.

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