On today’s podcast we welcome the co-host of Fox Sports 1’s newest show, America’s Pregame, Molly McGrath. Molly has been with FS1 since the network launch in mid-August. After serving mainly at the newsdesk providing updates, she then got the call to co-host Fox’s new daily show alongside Mike HIll (who she incredibly used to print scripts for as a production assistant at ESPN). Molly also chats with AA about…

-Her sportscasting journey including how she created a sports reporting role as a Boston College cheerleader.
-Her time with the Boston Celtics and whether she has any good Tommy Heinsohn stories.
-Moving to Fox Sports 1 and the difference in sports on the west coast and east coast.
-Fighting the stigma against blonde women working at Fox News and Fox Sports 1.
-Is Fox Sports 1 really “the one for fun” behind the scenes?
-The vision for America’s Pregame and how it can grow into being an alternative to SportsCenter.
-Why taking viewer suggestions for improving the show is so important.
-Which would she rather watch – NBA or NHL Playoffs?
-Her advice to young, aspiring sportscasters.

For more from Molly, follow her on Twitter at @MollyMcgrathFS1.

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