It’s WrestleMania week and we’re pleased to welcome WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross to the podcast. Good ol’ JR has seen his popularity increase in the sports world as his most famous calls have become a favorite soundtrack to some of the most exciting plays in sports. These days JR writes for Fox Sports and has just launched one of the top rated podcasts on the internet. We talked with JR for a wide-ranging, in-depth podcast about the wrestling business and its evolution, his writing at Fox, announcing in his future, and so much more. Topics include…

-What excites him most about his post-WWE career and his WrestleMania anthology series at
-WWE slowly moving its way alongside mainstream sports at places like Fox and elsewhere.
-How the WWE Network is another bold move from Vince McMahon and why it may be a gamechanger for sports and entertainment.
-JR’s favorite eras from his career in the wrestling business.
-The evolution of professional wrestling from being presented as sports to sports entertaiment to purely entertainment.
-How that evolution affected broadcasting and his approach as an announcer.
-Dealing with pro wrestling bias as an announcer and who the closest announcer in sports would be to being able to pull off a wrestling telecast.
-Why it helped him as an announcer to not know the outcome of matches and how announcing wrestling from other sports he has experience with.
-Would there be an opportunity with Fox to step back behind the microphone and call UFC fights?
-On Daniel Bryan: “I think he has the ability to be the lead guy as far as the championship is concerned.”
-Looking ahead to WrestleMania 30 and JR’s thoughts on some of the big matches on the card and the top young stars in WWE.

For more from JR, follow him on Twitter at @JRsBBQ and visit his website.

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