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Pierre McGuire is an interesting man. The word “interesting” in the previous sentence could be replaced with a lot of different words, but it’s clear that most hockey fans feel that McGuire is one of the most awkward, if not creepy, broadcasters in sports. He knows his hockey and he knows how to make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Pierre probably has an awkward moment in each game he works. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or mental fortitude to weed through all of them. Instead, here’s a small compilation of his most awkward moments.

Prepare to cringe!

Pierre McGuire and Rob Ray

If looks could kill, Ray would be charged with murder. You have to feel sorry for the poor soul confined between the glass with Pierre. Though on the flip side, you probably get to laugh at this at every intermission.

Byfuglien, Dustin Byfuglien

You have to wonder what NHL players say about McGuire behind closed doors. Actually, Marty Turco may have answered that question.

Big burly man

Pierre’s eyes really say it all here. The intimidation is palpable.

Pierre freaks out over this save by Dustin Tokarski

Easy there, Pierre. It’s an incredible save, but you probably shouldn’t interrupt your play-by-play man to inject your shouts of pure jubilation.

Pierre and Depends

“That’s too much information.”

Yes, it really is.

Pierre ruins a great moment in Canada vs. Russia thriller

It was a rhetorical question, Pierre. There are some moments where you should let the crowd do the talking. Jordan Eberle’s goal here was one of those moments.

The ultimate Pierre moment

Why is he standing so close? What the hell is he talking about? Why does the word “long stick” excite him so much?

Thanks for all of the laughter, Pierre.

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