Last night Charles Barkley took another crack at one of his favorite targets – women from San Antonio.  Barkley said the city was a “gold mine for Weight Watchers.”  Clearly he would know as a spokesman for that particular brand, even though he once jokingly called his endorsement deal a bigger scam than getting paid to watch sports.

Barkley’s feud with San Antonio, and his mocking of the women of the city is nothing new.  In fact, it’s a running gag that goes back for several years on Inside the NBA.  Barkley even visited the city in 2012 and took a tour with the mayor (where yes, he confirmed that this is all in jest).  Here’s a brief collection of occasions where Barkley has made light of San Antonio’s fairer sex.  Prepare for a lot of jokes involving churros, Weight Watchers, and Victoria’s Secret…

May 2010 – “They ain’t got no skinny women down there”

June 2013 – “Big ol’ women down in San Antonio”

February 2014 – “Victoria is a secret down in San Antonio”

April 2014 – “They got some big, ol’, fat women”

May 2014 – “That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers”

Don’t take Barkley’s comedy personally San Antonio.  Besides, as long as there are no women that look like this, I’m sure the city has nothing to be worried about…

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