Did you watch the WNBA postseason? That question may result in plenty of laughter, but the 2014 WNBA postseason has posted significant gains which deserve some attention. ESPN, ABC, ESPN2 and ESPNEWS televised a total of 10 games and reached an average of 489,000 viewers. Compared to 2013, the WNBA playoffs saw a 90% increase.

The Finals, a series which featured the Phoenix Mercury and the Chicago Sky, drew in an average rating of 0.5 (up from 0.2 last year) and a 91% increase in total viewers (659,000 this year as opposed to just 345,000 last year).

So, what does this mean for the WNBA and the networks which cover them? It’s fantastic news for the league that sees it showing some of the best growth of any professional sports league in the last year. Simply, it means that even sports which carve out a tiny niche in our culture are able to find time on television and the fans are benefiting. If you broadcast it, they will come. It also speaks to the power of ESPN and the fact the network is able to continually post significant gains for events which usually pass under the sports radar.


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