There’s no slowing down the viewing power of the NCAA Tournament. Ratings have reached multi-decade highs throughout the tournament and it’s no different after the second weekend of March Madness.

You might recall that the first round of the tournament saw the highest viewership in 21 years, proving that the tournament still has some room to grow. Through March 30th, the 2014 tournament has seen an average of 9.8 million viewers watching the action. This year’s total viewership is the highest the tournament has seen since 1993 – another 21 year high. Additionally, March Madness Live has seen 64 million video streams through the first week of the tournament, up 40% versus last year’s tournament.

Based on how the tournament is unfolding, and the composition of the Final Four with four pretty powerful college basketball brands taking part, it seems like a safe bet that the next wave of games will only add on to this year’s impressive ratings.

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