If you’ve been following along, you’re aware that the 2014 NCAA Tournament has been a ratings monster. That trend continued with the Final Four as the two broadcasts became the two most-watched college basketball games in cable television history.

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin led the way after bringing in 16.3 million total viewers between the three feeds on TBS, TNT, and truTV. The other Final Four contest, Connecticut vs. Florida, brought in 11.7 million viewers to become the second most-watched college basketball game in cable TV history. Individual numbers for the national telecast and Teamcast feeds are unavailable at this time.

The huge numbers on cable television are a big story, but they’re not the only story. The two games combined for 3.8 million live streams, a number which represents an increase of 76% compared to last year. In terms of social media, the two Final Four games produced 1.8 million Tweets.

Sounds like things are going pretty well, right? They are but it all depends on who you ask. It’s safe to say the various cable networks are pleased, but overall the viewership of the Final Four declined due to its move to cable. This year’s Final Four saw an 11% decrease compared to last year’s Final Four which is mostly due to the fact TBS is available in 14% fewer homes than CBS.

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