A couple days ago we learned about a petition put forth by Arizona fans to ban Bill Walton from broadcasting their games.  This is a travesty of justice!  Walton is a legend, not just on the court, but in the broadcast booth.  He’s the most unique personality we’ve seen calling games and maybe the most interesting man in the history of western civilization.  The petition linked to a database of Walton quotes over the years that is filled with such goodness it’s like finding a lost treasure buried at sea.

After parsing through some of those quotes and some of the ones we’ve compiled over the years, here now is the definitive list of the Top 15 Bill Walton quotes.  Prepare to go on a journey of spiritual, emotional, and mental enlightenment…

15) Announcer: Here’s Luke Walton. Bill, you know a little something about him. Walton: Yeah, he’s a 6’8″ forward from the University of Arizona.

14) John Stockton is one of the true marvels, not just of basketball, or in America, but in the history of Western Civilization!

13) If you ever think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never spent a night in bed with a mosquito or you’ve never played basketball against Taylor from Utah, number 11 in your program, number one in your heart.

12) The only man who can stop Cliff Robinson is Cliff Robinson. The man is unstoppable, even at 38.

11) SMU-Cal Berkeley. Miss that at your peril! What Larry Brown and Mike Montgomery will deliver to all of us as basketball fans and fans of humanity, that will be a thing to remember forever.

10) The art of tossing up the jump ball has really declined. These officials need to spend more time practicing in the offseason.

9) Come on, that was no foul! It may be a violation of all the basic rules of human decency, but it’s not a foul.

8) Tonight’s start was electric. Just both teams riding quasars all the way to the top of the mountain to the promised land!

7) Beautiful basketball! The Ducks on fire after a poor start a start as you could have! They have somehow come back and have found their way back to the Oregon Trail! Lewis & Clark would be so proud.

6) You look at Vladimir Radmanovic, this guy is cut from stone. It’s as if Michelangelo were reading and a lightning bolt flashed before him.

5) Yesterday we celebrated Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity. Today, Fabricio Oberto is defying it.

4) And when you look at Boris Diaw and what he’s done to this franchise he’s changed everything. We celebrate his brilliance and when you talk to Boris Diaw you realize what a classical human being he is. It was 201 years ago today, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 in E Flat, which escorted in the age of Romanticism in music. And when I think of Boris Diaw, I think of Beethoven and the age of the Romantics. This guy has it all.

3) A thing of beauty! Einstein, Da Vinci, Jobs! And now Tyreke Evans!

2) Walton when Pac 12 mascots are shown getting out of a limo: I was way in the back with Ray Lewis and it was unbelievable how much fun, oh my gosh, how many people were in there!

1) If Eric Piatkowski continues playing at this level, he’s going to replace Jerry West on the NBA logo.

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