Your Week 9 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings


After the best week this year in the Pammies, week 9's Top 10 and updated standings are after the jump! 

10) "Keep it tucked and score with your hips." – Gary Danielson (via CaptTouchback)

9) "The story of this year has been Sean Mannion. Last year he threw 31 touchdowns and 31 interceptions." – Lou Holtz (via Josh_batelli)

8) "LeGree needed to be 'le greedy' there and he wasn't." – Matt Millen (via colinmeans)

7) "It looks like Philip Nelson pulled out a little early." – Brian Griese (via kevinpatrick77)

6) "I like calling him Maty Favre!" – Matt Millen on Mizzou backup QB Maty Mauk (via panderson1988)

5) "They want the shutout." – Gary Danielson on a 35-3 Alabama lead (via pmatla86)

4) "I would say the Ohio Buckeyes better watch out." – Mark May predicting a Penn State upset over OSU. Ohio State won 63-14. (via AA)

3) "GOT IT… No." – Craig Bolerjack botching a missed FG. (via AA)

2) "He's tan, though." – David Pollack on Mark May. Too bad we couldn't nominate the awkward silence that ensued afterwards too. (via AA)

1) "He just comes in the wrong hole there." – Brian Griese (via crocshots)

Week 9 Standings

1) Matt Millen 60 pts

2) Gary Danielson 49 pts

3) Lou Holtz 39 pts

4)  Mark May 35 pts

5) Lee Corso 31 pts  

6) David Pollack 28 pts

7) Brent Musburger 17 pts

8) Brian Griese 16 pts

T9) Jesse Palmer 15 pts, Dan Hicks 15 pts

Others receiving votes: Glen Mason 13 pts, Kirk Herbstreit 13 pts, Mike Mayock 12 pts, Don Criqui 10 pts, Rece Davis 9 pts, Joe Tessitore 9 pts, Matt Stinchcomb 9 pts, Pete Najarian 9 pts, Chris Spielman 9 pts, Craig Bolerjack 8 pts, Tom Hammond 8 pts, Brad Nessler 8 pts,  Beth Mowins 7 pts, Eric Collins 7 pts, Joey Galloway 7 pts, Spencer Tillman 7 pts, Brian Jones 6 pts, Ovie Mughelli 6 pts, Joey Harrington 5 pts, Danny Kanell 5 pts, Petros Papadakis 5 pts, Ray Bentley 4 pts, Chuck Long 3 pts, Chris Fowler 3 pts, Justin Kutcher 2 pts, Sean McDonough 2 pts, Aaron Taylor 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt, Dave Pasch 1 pt, Tim Couch 1 pt, Mark Jones 1 pt.

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Your Week 9 Pammies WInners & Updated Standings


To put into perspective just how absolutely dominant Matt Millen has been in this year's Pammies, he now leads second place Kirk Herbstreit and Verne Lundquist by 57 points.  This time last year, Craig James' lead over Millen at Week 9 was a mere 35 points.  Millen has almost quadruple the amount of Pammies points as anyone else this season!  Is it enough to get him on our Mount Rushmore next Tuesday?  The Pammies standings and your weekly Top 10 after the jump…

10) "This is a patriotic game. Lots of flags" -Verne Lundquist (via LeahGoldman91)

9) "You know why he's in here? This Is why he's in here" – Kirk Herbstreit forgetting to explain why Everet Golston is in there. (via JesseDeadWoodHarwood)

8) "He's a tough runner, and he's really tough." – Lee Corso on Theo Riddick (via cravinchristian)

7) "The J.P. (in J.P. Smith) must stand for Just Please!" – Mark Jones talking about Nebraska's P.J. Smith. (via coachwingenbach)

6) "That's my alma mater — the Golden Fishes!" – Lou Holtz (via shaner)

5) "He was ralphing pretty strong." –Matt Millen on Arizona's QB throwing up. (via WelikeSportzTx)

4) "And Pederson goes un-molested into the endzone" – Mike Patrick (via HowieV100_7)

3) "Both Lee and Woods are football players." – Matt Millen. Thanks Matt. (via Jonathan_Biles)

2) "Ohio State is going to have to score to win this game" – Kirk Herbstreit (via BY318)

1) "Northwestern working the play cock." – Beth Mowins (via yatchawk)

Week 9 Standings

1) Matt Millen 78 pts

T2) Kirk Herbstreit 21 pts, Verne Lundquist 21 pts

4) Mark May 20 pts, 

T5) Desmond Howard 19 pts, Erin Andrews 19 pts,

Others receiving votes: Beth Mowins 18 pts, Lee Corso 15 pts, Gary Danielson 15 pts, Dan Hawkins 14.5, Danny Kanell 14 pts,  Chris Martin 12 pts, Gus Johnson 12 pts, Eric Crouch 12 pts, Todd Blackledge 11 pts, Lou Holtz 11 pts, Andre Ware 10.5 pts, Brian Griese 10 pts, Brent Musburger 10 pts, Kevin Carter 10 pts, Wendi Nix 10 pts, Glen Mason 10 pts, Dave Neal 9 pts,  Carter Blackburn 9 pts, Joel Klatt 9 pts, Eddie George 8 pts,  Tom Hart 7 pts, Derek Rackley 7 pts, Mike Patrick 7 pts,  Jesse Palmer 5 pts, David Pollack 4 pts, Mark Jones 4 pts, Charles Davis 4 pts, Chris Fowler 4 pts, Rece Davis 4 pts, Brad Nessler 3 pts, Sean McDonough 3 pts, Dale Drypolcher 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt, Tom Cole 1 pt.

Celebrity Division: Ryan Lochte 10 pts, Charles Barkley 9 pts, David Feherty 8 pts.

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Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.