Your Week 10 Pammies WInners & Updated Standings



For the first time since Week 2, we have a new leader at the top of this year's Pammies!  Week 10's Top 10 and updated standings are after the jump! 

10) "They're doing a nice job formationing." – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

9) "I can't even count to 29." – Jesse Palmer (via robertdedgcomb)

8) "That offensive line just wiped out that proud offensive line." – Gary Danielson (via markgLSU)

7) "Mariota has a lot to do to get in my Top 5 for the Heisman." – Tony Barnhart, someone paid to talk about college football (via JaRomney)

6) "Back in Columbia, the capital of the Show Me State." – Steve Levy, who has never been to Jefferson City (via dirtydstl)

5) "Whenever I'm in East Lansing to eat a meal, I like to leave East Lansing and go to Holland, Michigan." – Todd Blackledge (via GerdOZone)

4) "BLOCKED… nope… got it!" – Craig Bolerjack again struggling with field goals (via morganwick)

3) "Why don't you bitch about the coaches." – Lou Holtz (via JasonGrefer)

2) "When you don't have anyone to grind against, you grind against yourself." – Glen Mason (via rdubs007)

1) "The reason this game means so much is because it means so little." – Gary Danielson (via pbpjasonlieser)

Week 10 Standings

1) Gary Danielson 62 pts

2) Matt Millen 60 pts

3) Lou Holtz 47 pts

4)  Mark May 35 pts

5) Lee Corso 31 pts  

6) David Pollack 28 pts

7) Glen Mason 22 pts

T8) Brent Musburger 17 pts, Jesse Palmer 17 pts

10) Brian Griese 16 pts

Others receiving votes: Dan Hicks 15 pts, Craig Bolerjack 15 pts, Kirk Herbstreit 13 pts, Mike Mayock 12 pts, Don Criqui 10 pts, Rece Davis 9 pts, Joe Tessitore 9 pts, Matt Stinchcomb 9 pts, Pete Najarian 9 pts, Chris Spielman 9 pts, Tom Hammond 8 pts, Brad Nessler 8 pts,  Beth Mowins 7 pts, Eric Collins 7 pts, Joey Galloway 7 pts, Spencer Tillman 7 pts, Todd Blackledge 6 pts, Brian Jones 6 pts, Ovie Mughelli 6 pts, Joey Harrington 5 pts, Danny Kanell 5 pts, Steve Levy 5 pts, Petros Papadakis 5 pts, Ray Bentley 4 pts, Tony Barnhart 4 pts, Chuck Long 3 pts, Chris Fowler 3 pts, Justin Kutcher 2 pts, Sean McDonough 2 pts, Aaron Taylor 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt, Dave Pasch 1 pt, Tim Couch 1 pt, Mark Jones 1 pt, Andre Ware.

Your Week 10 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings


Matt Millen couldn't win enough votes to earn a place on AA's Mount Rushmore.  However, he has won another weekly Pammy vote to send him further into the lead in this year's Pammies.  If that was all possible.  The Pammies standings, including a few shakeups in the Top 5, and your weekly Top 10 quotes after the jump…

10) "The clouds have moved back in, it’s getting chillerer” – Beth Mowins (via mrsdmanley)

9) "With this loss USC really takes control of the PAC-12 South!" – Charles Davis (via awesomeworkman)

8) "Kansas State leads for the first time tonight" – Brent Musburger on a touchdown making it 16-7. (via morganwick)

7) "Let's take a look at this package on Eddie Lacy" – Gary Danielson (via thaddehart)

6) "I played in Super Bowls, you take the points." – Humble Mark May (via AA)

5) "This looks like the exact same type of shoulder injury Eric Reid had… No, it's a leg injury." – Gary Danielson (via zacktn)

4) ""Missouri has one win within the SEC and that's against Missouri." – Robert Smith (via mspici)

3) "The football is so important they named a game after it" – Lou Holtz (via joepa032)

2) "I wonder if that same moon is visible over New York tonight." – Verne Lundquist (via flybyknite)

1) "He (Bill Snyder) is the same guy as Joe Paterno, I'm saying it." -Matt Millen (via sglancy5) Umm, talking about Paterno didn't really work the first time, Matt…

Week 10 Standings

1) Matt Millen 88 pts

2) Verne Lundquist 30 pts

3) Mark May 25 pts

4) Gary Danielson 22 pts

5) Kirk Herbstreit 21 pts, 

Others receiving votes: Beth Mowins 19 pts, Desmond Howard 19 pts, Erin Andrews 19 pts, Lou Holtz 19 pts, Lee Corso 15 pts, Dan Hawkins 14.5, Danny Kanell 14 pts,  Brent Musburger 13 pts, Chris Martin 12 pts, Gus Johnson 12 pts, Eric Crouch 12 pts, Todd Blackledge 11 pts, Andre Ware 10.5 pts, Brian Griese 10 pts,  Kevin Carter 10 pts, Wendi Nix 10 pts, Glen Mason 10 pts, Dave Neal 9 pts,  Carter Blackburn 9 pts, Joel Klatt 9 pts, Eddie George 8 pts,  Tom Hart 7 pts, Robert Smith 7 pts, Derek Rackley 7 pts, Mike Patrick 7 pts, Charles Davis 6 pts, Jesse Palmer 5 pts, David Pollack 4 pts, Mark Jones 4 pts,  Chris Fowler 4 pts, Rece Davis 4 pts, Brad Nessler 3 pts, Sean McDonough 3 pts, Dale Drypolcher 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt, Tom Cole 1 pt.

Celebrity Division: Ryan Lochte 10 pts, Charles Barkley 9 pts, David Feherty 8 pts.