Note that this week it's Mike Tirico pulling double duty as he'll announce two NBA games on Sunday from New York with the Knicks in the afternoon and Nets in the evening.

Tuesday, February 5

Los Angeles Lakers @ Brooklyn Nets (NBAtv 7:30PM) Ernie Johnson, Steve Smith, Chris Webber

Wednesday, February 6

San Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota Timberwolves (ESPN 9PM) Mark Jones, Jon Barry

Thursday, February 7

Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics (TNT 8PM) Marv Albert, Steve Kerr
Chicago Bulls @ Denver Nuggets (TNT 10:30PM) Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller

Friday, February 8

Los Angeles Clippers @ Miami Heat (ESPN 8PM) Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy
Chicago Bulls @ Utah Jazz (ESPN 10:30PM) Mark Jones, Jon Barry

Saturday, February 9

Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Kings (NBAtv 9PM) Local Broadcast

Sunday, February 10

Los Angeles Clippers @ New York Knicks (ABC 1PM) Mike Tirico, Hubie Brown
Los Angeles Lakers @ Miami Heat (ABC 3:30PM) Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy
San Antonio Spurs @ Brooklyn Nets (ESPN 8PM) Mike Tirico, Jon Barry

H/T Sammy!