Chicago Bears fans were not the only fan base to get testy with news outlets yesterday. WTOL in Toledo lost the Browns/Bengals feed, presumably because of the severe weather sweeping the area, but Browns fans were uninterested in the channel's apologies. Severe weather be damned, they wanted to see every second of their game.

The comments on the WTOL Facebook page are amusing. More than one person theorized the station hired the same person who runs, while one person even said "Please hurry this is a very important game any ideas how long." (Side note: perhaps take this game interruption to work on your grammar). Here's a few other comments from disgruntled fans…

Fix it now! You are ruining thousands of people's day! You should pay dearly for this  

Come on husband is getting angrier by the minute. and I have to put up with him! Do I need to come to the station and flip the switch or what?!  

I already preferred ABC to you guys as it is. But, I will now never watch anything on your terrible network  

We are sooo freaking mad at our house!!!! Been waiting ALL WEEK for this game. CMON, WTOL. THIS is all your fault. Not CBS. You are a useless bunch of LOSERS!!! All should be fired for this. Where's your dam technical staff?? Off on Sunday.  

We should of let Michigan have Toledo back in day cause obviously they are bunch or idiots up there ruining my Sunday  

Inconvenience HELL!!! This is sacrilege in Ohio!!!  

The Browns are last in the AFC North, but don't think this game didn't mean something to local fans. Apparantly the matchup between the 4-5 Browns and 6-4 Bengals was the biggest Browns game in a decade according to one commenter. 

"Biggest Browns game in a decade, and you can't figure out how to broadcast it. Thanks Toledo News Eventually." 

It apparently did not occur to many individuals in Ohio or Illinois that severe weather, including a tornado that flattened the town of Washington, Illinois, could have affected local coverage and that this was not WTOL's fault. It's not like the station would purposely interrupt game coverage with a total blackout, right? 

Then again, maybe they saw what was coming. Browns fans should be thanking WTOL, at least they missed most of the 2nd quarter when their team allowed 31 points to the Bengals.

(H/T Brian Floyd)

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