Before Game 5 of the NLCS on Wednesday between the Dodgers and Cardinals, Will Ferrell announced the starting lineup for the Dodgers as only he can. He added a superlative to every player's name, including Adrian "AI YAI YAI YAI YAI" Gonzalez, Andre "I Know You Didn't" Ethier, "He Says The Chupacabra is Real" Yasiel Puig, and "He Absolutely Loves Katy Perry" Juan Uribe.

But his best comment was for starting pitcher Zack Greinke – Today's Winning Pitcher.

If the Dodgers don't win on Wednesday, they'll be staying in LA for the Postseason. Bringing in Ferrell is a nice way to pull out all the stops for potentially the final game at Dodger Stadium this year.

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