The replacement for Tim McCarver on Fox's MLB telecasts hasn't been named yet. With the long-time commentary partner of Joe Buck leaving Fox after this year's MLB Postseason, the discussion of his replacement has been a popular topic. While we've speculated on possible replacements, Fox has been mum on the subject.

However, SI's Richard Deitsch has learned some of the names that are in the running. You have the obvious choices (John Smoltz, Tom Verducci), the active players who would need to retire and aren't at that stage yet (AJ Pierzynski, Torii Hunter), and of course, the completely insane choice that would drive viewers away by the handful (Harold Reynolds).

That's right – Fox is apparently considering Harold Reynolds for the position. Could you imagine how terrible that would be? Replacing McCarver with a version of himself 30 years younger without any of the experience of actually calling important games would be a disaster and would probably end up being a death knell for anyone enjoying MLB on Fox if they actually went through with it.

For the record, I've said since day one that Smoltz is probably the best choice for the job. He's young (in comparison to McCarver), smart, and witty, and would probably be the best Fox could do given the circumstances. I'd expect an overhaul of Fox's MLB broadcast teams after the season as a result of McCarver's departure, and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see both Smoltz and Verducci get expanded roles. But Reynolds? Keep him away from the commentary booth, please. This would be like ESPN doing something silly like letting Stephen A Smith do color on an NBA game. 

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