Random YouTube parody videos aren't really my thing, but this parody video of WFAN radio kingpin Mike Francesa is SNL worthy.  And I'm not just talking recent mediocre SNL, but the its mid-90s prime.  This impression of Francesa by BizarroZaun on Twitter is so accurate it's scary.  From the Diet Coke, to the tone and cadence, to the clauses inserted into his monologues, and even to the way he handles prank callers.  It's literally perfect.

And the content is hilarious too, with Francesa in full redcoat garb as a defender of the British Empire on the verge of the Revolutionary War.  All you need to know is that it starts with 1776 Mike Francesa saying, "If the rebels have any chance of winning this war, you better trust Benedict Arnold."

Watch it.  You won't regret it.

Video via BizarroZaun, h/t Jimmy Traina

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