July is notoriously the slowest month of the sports year.  It's also that time of year we at AA decide to pass the time with a fun, gimmicky tournament.  The last two years we've had you vote on a new face for our Mount Rushmore.  When ESPN jettisoned Joe Morgan from the Sunday Night Baseball booth, you replaced him with Craig James.  When James hilariously ran for Senate, you installed Skip Bayless on our masthead.

This year we're moving in a new direction with a bigger and better tournament for the ages.

It's our mission to name once and for all the greatest announcing call of all-time.

Is it Al Michaels and the Miracle on Ice or Kirk Gibson's heroics described by Jack Buck or Vin Scully?  Ian Darke's "Go go USA" or Hugo Morales describing Diego Maradona's goal of the century?  Will it be a signature catchphrase or a soundtrack to an epic sporting moment?

We've compiled 64 of the best announcing calls in the history of sports from all over the globe for your votes over the next month.  As the tournament goes from 64 to 1, you'll decide once and for all what is the greatest call in the history of sports.  

The fun starts Monday morning with four first round matchups.  See you then.

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