Fox Sports 1 launches tomorrow and the major question in the minds of interested sports fan is this:

What channel is it?

I've always been amazed by the mindset that folks with a working brain and television remote can't merely search their television guides for a new channel or remember what number it is.  But never fear lazy couch potato sports fans with short term memory loss!  We're here with a list of where to find the new 24/7 sports channel depending on what cable or satellite provider you have.  These listings come from the Fox Sports website where you can search by zipcode and provider.  It looks like many of the cable outlets will have different channel listings depending on location, but feel free to correct and/or add your provider and location to our list in the comments below:

AT&T U-Verse – 652, 1652 HD


Chicago – 63, 242 HD

Comcast Xfinity – 3, 242 HD

Cox – 31, 1031 HD, FS2 on 173

DirecTV – 219

Dish – 150

Frontier FIOS – 83, FS2 on 198

Optimum – 769 HD

RCN – 689 HD

Time Warner Cable

NY – 123, 774 HD

Verizon FIOS – 83, 583 HD

WOW – 70, 234 HD