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I like to think that over the past few years you the reader and me the writer have built a relationship on trust.  So I'm not going to lie in telling you that this week's slate of Pammy nominees are the best of the year by a good distance.  I'm sure at least three or four of these would have been worthy winners in any other week this season.  This week's Pammies have just about everything.  If in any way you're let down by this week's nominees, well, you must have voted for Craig James over Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate primary.  Here's all of your Pammy nominees for Week 9 after the jump…

1) "GOT IT… No." – Craig Bolerjack botching a missed FG. (via AA)

2) "He's tan, though." – David Pollack on Mark May. Too bad we couldn't nominate the awkward silence that ensued afterwards too. (via AA)

3) "I would say the Ohio Buckeyes better watch out." – Mark May predicting a Penn State upset over OSU. Ohio State won 63-14. (via AA)

4) "I sit closer to my mother-in-law for Christmas dinner than these splits." – John Congemi (via timlanglois)

5) "Don't think for a minute that Manziel is not trying to score." – Andre Ware (via arfowikes)

6) "He just comes in the wrong hole there." – Brian Griese (via crocshots)

7) "Playing from behind, catching with the backside." – Beth Mowins (via goirishglory)

8) "It looks like Philip Nelson pulled out a little early." – Brian Griese (via kevinpatrick77)

9) "Keep it tucked and score with your hips." – Gary Danielson (via CaptTouchback)

10) "I like calling him Maty Favre!" – Matt Millen on Mizzou backup QB Maty Mauk (via panderson1988)

11) "They want the shutout." – Gary Danielson on a 35-3 Alabama lead (via pmatla86)

12) "I'll tell you what, Noah Spence is playing some football tonight." – Todd Blackledge (via BY318)

13) "The story of this year has been Sean Mannion. Last year he threw 31 touchdowns and 31 interceptions." – Lou Holtz (via Josh_batelli)

14) "LeGree needed to be 'le greedy' there and he wasn't." – Matt Millen (via colinmeans)

Vote for your Week 9 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5)

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Vote for your Week 9 Pammy Nominees!


Another strong week of Pammy nominees with Lou Holtz, Brent Musburger, Gary Danielson, and Verne Lundquist all at the top of their games.  Who can take down this week's crown and inch ever closer to Matt Millen at the top of our standings?  Check the nominees and vote after the jump…

1) "You know why he's in here? This Is why he's in here" – Kirk Herbstreit forgetting to explain why Everet Golston is in there. (via JesseDeadWoodHarwood)

2) "That's my alma mater — the Golden Fishes!" – Lou Holtz (via shaner)

3) "He's not the only one from Michigan having a tough time fielding balls. Different sport, of course." ~ Brock Huard (via crippenstation)

4) "The J.P. (in J.P. Smith) must stand for Just Please!" – Mark Jones talking about Nebraska's P.J. Smith. (via coachwingenbach)

5) "It's good! No." – Clay Matvick (via jrlind)

6) "This is a patriotic game. Lots of flags" -Verne Lundquist (via LeahGoldman91)

7) "Both Lee and Woods are football players." – Matt Millen. Thanks Matt. (via Jonathan_Biles)

8) ""There were 13 people fooled on that play. The 11 Dartmouth defenders, and the 2 of us in the booth." -Steve DeOssie (via bkroche)

9) "Driskel must have a light touch." – Gary Danielson (via joshparcell)

10) "And Pederson goes un-molested into the endzone" – Mike Patrick (via HowieV100_7)

11) "Ohio State is going to have to score to win this game" – Kirk Herbstreit (via BY318)

12) "How about Landry Jones, is he going to cross that bridge or fade away tonight?" – Brent Musburger quoting Elton John for the 2nd time (via GwynneWatkins)

13) "Northwestern working the play cock." – Beth Mowins (via yatchawk)

14) "He's a tough runner, and he's really tough." – Lee Corso on Theo Riddick (via cravinchristian)

15) "He was ralphing pretty strong." –Matt Millen on Arizona's QB throwing up. (via WelikeSportzTx)

Vote for your Week 9 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5!)

Vote For Your Week 9 Pammy Nominees!


Happy Halloween!  I’m wondering if Craig James and Pam Ward disguised themselves as good announcers because it was unusually quiet for them with this week’s nominees as some new announcers come back into the Pammies picture.  Gary Danielson and Matt Millen will look to catch up with Darth James and make this a race for the Pammies title as we move into November.

As a reminder as to how the Pammy vote works, each week we’ll nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that person 10 points all the way down to 1 point for 10th.  Remember, you can vote for your favorite five quotes.  Here are your Week 9 nominees…

1) “Spurrier used to say you can’t spell UT without Citrus… wait.” – Mark Jones (via CaptTouchback)

2) “He’s a first time starter going thru everything for the first time.” – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

3) “You’re only effective when you’re productive” – Chris Spielman (via RYbbc34)

4) “This is what you get when two hungry trains get on the same track and don’t want to get off” – Gary Danielson (via DerekLynch64) Hungry… trains???

5) “That’s a courage catch. Goin’ into the BRIAR PATCH and absorbing the hit to catch the ball” – Charles Davis (via Chris Schenkel).  There are some patches out there that take a lot of courage to go into…

6) “You come in and bite, I’m pullin’ that sucker out” – Matt Millen (via Chris Schenkel)

7) “Well, sometimes you’re not always the popular guy.” – Dan Hawkins (via sctvman) Touche.

8) “Steve Spurrier is the best duct-tape engineer in college football.” – Ed Cunningham (via sctvman)

9) “If Matt Millen’s watching, he’s saying ‘that’s football, that’s football'” – Kirk Herbstreit (via CK29) recognizing how intricate Matt Millen’s analyisis gets.

10) “This year’s game of the century.” – Verne Lundquist (via sctvman)

11) “We’re gonna put a saddle on him and ride him all game.” – Brock Huard (via bielick_tim) on Illinois’ Nathan Scheelhaase

12) “Can’t quite tell you the number, but I can tell you it is an offensive lineman” – Ray Bentley (via AlexfromBuffalo) Uh, Ray, WVU is on defense.

13) “Consistent consistency” – Matt Millen (via ThaNardDawg)

14) “…and Woods has got it at the…incomplete.” – Brent Musberger (via mattyzucks)

15) “We all love Mark May!” – Lou Holtz (via glokkenspx) umm… no.

16) “Come on guys, it’s football, get tough” – Craig James (via dmcalpi).  Umm Craig why you talk about that with your son first…

17) “Nothing doing as Tech stiffens against Jeff Woody.” – Bill Land (via Matt Kennedy)

Vote For Your Week 9 Pammy Nominees! (vote for up to five)


The winners will come Wednesday morning so make sure you vote early and often and check back for the full Week 9 announcing sked later this week!